Bounce House

Today we discovered an AWESOME “Bounce House” in Hatfield, PA. It only cost $6.50 for Landon and Parents are FREE! What a deal! After watching this video it will be hard for you to figure out who had more fun. We’ll definitely be heading back sometime soon.

WARNING: If you get motion sickness, this video may not be suitable for you!

Lumberjack Rick

We had a huge tree in our backyard that was dying so I asked my friend Rick to help me cut it down. By “helping me cut it down” what I really meant was having Rick come over with all of his tools and watch him do all the hard work while I stood there with a video camera recording his dangerous maneuvers.

Thanks for your help Rick.

Landon @ 16 Months

To All,

I think it’s about time for another 4 month update. :-) Sorry for the slacking. Landon is getting bigger everyday and starting to say and do more too. Here is a video we shot tonight around 7pm which many of you know is past Landon’s bedtime. I think he was a little tired, but that didn’t stop him from showing off in front of the camera. One thing you’ll quickly learn from this video is Landon has learned a new word in his vocabulary…. “NO”. It’s very cute now, but I have a feeling it will start to lose it’s cuteness soon. Enjoy the video and we hope to see you guys soon.

Love Mike, Melissa and Landon.

Happy Birthday Landon!!!

Dear Landon,

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since you came into this world. Since you arrived your mom and I have had so much fun watching you grow up. In the beginning we used to think it was adorable when you blew a bubble or tooted… Now we have to draw straws every time you throw up or have a poopy diaper. j/k :-) We can’t even begin to tell you how much more fun and exciting you’ve made our lives.

Since you probably won’t remember this when you are older I thought I would document some of your favorite things to do at this point in your life. I think your most favorite thing to do is play in the bath or pool. You also really enjoy eating pancakes, going on play dates with your mom and friends, eating veggie burgers, playing baseball with me, eating graham crackers, taking laps around the family room using furniture as a guide, eating grilled cheese, pulling down and braking window treatments, eating pasta, playing with your cars, and drinking juice. There are many other things you love to do, but I think these are your favorites so far. You are also soooo close to walking, in fact you are so close you might even start walking this weekend.

Thank you so much for being such a fun & happy guy. I love everyday when I get home from work and see you smile, giggle and crawl as fast as you can to come see me. It just makes my day! We couldn’t be happier with how much you’ve grown up over the past year, but we also can’t wait to see what you do next. We love you so much.

Here are some pictures with your Brother Bear that we took every month to keep track of how much you’ve grown.






Mom and Dad

51 Week Update

It’s hard to believe we are less than a week away from Landon’s first birthday. It seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital sending out hourly Sterncast updates via my cell phone. This weekend we are heading to Upstate NY to celebrate Landon’s First Birthday as well as my 30th. I don’t know what’s more crazy. The fact that I am halfway to 60, or that Landon is already a year old. Well if you ask me 30 is the new 23, or at least that is how I feel. We’ve got lots planned for next weekend so rather then telling you all about what we are GOING to do, I’ll wait a week and tell you all about it later.

One exciting piece of news we would like to share with everyone is we bought a house. YAY!!! We had been actively looking for about 7 months with no luck until we found this awesome Cape with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an awesome yard in Harleysville, PA. I think Grandma Marcia and Grampa Larry will be happy to hear we bought a house in a town named after their bikes. I guess this means you have no choice but to hop on those Harley’s and drive out to see us more often. :-) We don’t have any pictures to share yet, but as soon as we close we’ll be sure to share them with you guys. We are closing on June 18th, so we don’t have to wait too much longer.

For now we do have some videos that we’ve taken over the past month or so that we’d like to show you. This first video is Landon playing basketball with an awesome gift Grandma Terry got him. He loves playing basketball and who wouldn’t standing nearly a foot above the rim? I haven’t seen anyone attack a basket like Landon since Shaq brought down the hoop against the Nets back in the mid ’90s. Hey Wizards, it’s not too late for you to draft Landon with the #1 overall pick next month.

As you’ve seen from previous posts and pictures on Facebook Landon LOVES the park. I think he would sleep there if we let him. His new “trick” at the park is to crawl up the stairs and then dart down the slide head first. I’m glad he perfected this with his mother before I saw him do it for the first time. Yes that’s right, I’m the paranoid parent. :-)

If the whole basketball thing doesn’t work out, which I honestly can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t, he might give Barry Bonds a run for his money as the next Home Run Champ. The only obstacle in his way might be a recliner…. confused? I guess you will just have to watch the video to understand what I am talking about.

One of the things we love most about Landon is he’s always finding ways to have fun. He is becoming more active everyday, and finding ways to play with toys we never thought possible. This morning he found out how fun it is to play with a piece of fabric and a plastic ball.

Well I’m hoping this update makes up for the amount of time since our last post. We’ll be sure to update everyone next week with some pictures and videos from the birthday weekend.

Mike, Melissa and Landon.

Baby Steps…

Landon turned 10 Months old yesterday and on his Birthday he decided he wanted to start using his baby walker to get around the house. He isn’t quite ready to run in the Boston Marathon, but he is taking “Baby Steps” towards his freedom. His Mom and Dad, while ecstatic about Landon’s achievement, are probably a little oblivious to what this really means to their sanity and peace of mind.

Check out our little troublemaker on the move.

Mike, Melissa and Landon.

Hooray For Spring!

Spring Training has started and that can only mean one thing… Spring Time is right around the corner. This afternoon was beautiful (Mid 50′s) so Melissa and I decided to take Landon to the park for a little bit to enjoy the nice weather. I have to say it’s nice living in a place where March actually means spring, and not just another cold month towards the end of winter. Nothing against MN, but I don’t think we saw days in the mid-50′s until mid April.

Landon loves the Park and we are lucky to have a nice one right around the corner where he can play and watch other kids have fun. We decided to take the video camera with us this time so you can see how much fun he has there.

I am also happy to announce I’ve started to work out again…. Well, not exactly, but Landon loves when I do leg lifts with him. This kid has the greatest laugh. If you are ever having a bad day, all you have to do is make this kid laugh and it will surely lighten up your day. Enjoy my 60 second leg workout with Landon. We hope we see you guys soon.

Take care and keep the nice weather coming!

Mike, Melissa and Landon.

Jammin’ with the Chambers’

On Saturday February 20th Marni, Melissa, Landon and I all went down to DC for the day to hang out with out with the Chambers’. We hadn’t seen Jordan in months and this was our first chance to meet Eva. We knew we were going to have a lot of fun, but we had no idea we were going to see such an amazing concert put on by Jordan and David. Watch out Billy and Elton, there is a new duo in town.

Thanks so much for having us. Next time we will have to get together during the summer so we can go to the Park. It’s one of Landon’s favorite things to do, and I hear Jordan is a pro on the swing set.

Here are a couple videos of the concert. Hope you enjoy! :-)

Mike, Melissa, Landon and Marni

Landon’s First Swimming Class

Today Landon went to his first swimming class and he loved it! Whether we are brushing teeth, washing our hands, taking a bath, etc… this kid just loves water! So every Saturday morning from now until the end of March we will be going to the local Y for swimming lessons with other kids his age. I especially love this because now I get to have some fun bonding time with Landon since Melissa gets to take him to all of these fun play groups during the week.


Our little chunk is turning into a little-big chunk :-) . He also had a great time over the holiday’s spending time with both of our families. Here are a couple pictures from Christmas and Hannukah.


Love you all,
Mike, Melissa and Landon

Let ‘em Roll…

This week Landon started rolling over on his own. YAY!!!! It won’t be long before he is crawling, walking and asking to borrow the car… well it might be a while before he gets to sit behind the wheel, but you get the point. Last week we also noticed he has two teeth that broke through on the bottom. That really explains all of the excessive drooling he has been having lately. I just assumed he was so happy to see me that he couldn’t help but drool all over himself.


Last weekend Marni came to visit us for the entire weekend. We had so much fun hanging out with her, and the best part was probably going to “The Link” on Sunday night to watch the Eagles battle the Cowboys. Unfortunately for Marni, the game didn’t go as well as she had planned, but we still had a lot of fun and our seats were awesome. Honestly I have never seen so many drunk and angry fans in one place before. There were literally dozens of fights in the crowd, and people getting kicked out of the game (some in handcuffs). I don’t see myself taking Landon to an Eagles game until he turns 23. It’s just not safe!

The next two months are going to be pretty busy for us. First we have Thanksgiving with both of our families in NY, Hanukkah with my fam, then Christmas in Chicago followed by New Years Even in Atlantic City. Hopefully we will have some great pictures and stories to share with you guys when it’s all said and done. In the meantime enjoy this video of Landon rolling over that we recorded earlier tonight.

Love you all,
Mike, Melissa and Landon

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