Lena’s Going Home Video

Continuing with our tradition of “Going Home” videos we’ve created one to celebrate Lena’s coming home. We are so happy to have Lena in our lives, and can’t wait to watch her grow up. Thank you for all the support and well wishes.

We love you guys,
Mike, Melissa, Landon, & Lena

For those of you who never saw Landon’s video I’ve included it below too…

3 Responses to “Lena’s Going Home Video”

  1. Marcia Stiff

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Great job Mike.

  2. Becky

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Nice job to the parents and grandparents of these beautiful children!

  3. Debi

    This is so sweet. Time for more!!! Keep us updated please.

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