No Excuses… Play Like a Champion…

I am sorry for not updating the blog lately. As I stated in the title I am not going to make excuses… I am just going to move forward and try my best to entertain you all.

Over the past 2 weeks so much has happened. First off my mom is here now. Grandma Terry is staying with us for about 5 weeks so Melissa can try to get some work done during the day. She has been amazing!!!! She’s been cooking meals, doing laundry and watching Landon. We are so grateful she is here!


Fathers Day was the day after my mom arrived and I took Landon to the golf club for a Father’s Day tournament. Unfortunately we weren’t able to finish the round, in fact we barely made it off the first tee before it started raining and we had to come back in. At the time I was pretty disappointed, but it’s OK, all I really wanted to do was play one hole with Landon so we could start a tradition of playing golf every Father’s Day. Hopefully next year we can hit our shots into the green, take a putt on the green, or if we are really lucky maybe even play an entire hole. I can’t wait until he is able to swing the club too so he doesn’t have to be my caddie.


Last weekend my Dad came to visit too and meet Landon for the first time. Right away I could tell there was a special bond growing between the two of them. On the surface you might think it’s only because they both love the METS, but I can tell you first hand it goes much deeper then that. He didn’t want to leave and I can’t blame him. Hanging out with Landon is a lot of fun. We also learned that my dad would like Landon to call him “Popup”. That is the name he called his Grandfather so it’s really nice the tradition will now continue and I can’t wait to hear Landon say it for the first time.


Before I sign off I want to tell you one more quick story. Last month I posted a story about a camera Debi brought with her when she visited with Melissa’s mom. Well I am happy to say that Melissa and I ended up buying one last week and we can’t wait to start sharing our precious moments with you. Here is a sneak peak of whats to come.



We love you all,
Mike, Melissa and Landon (and Grandma Terry too)

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