Landon’s “Home Sweet Home” Video…

Even though Landon was not born in time to watch the 8th season of American Idol with him Mom and Dad we feel he was born with a strong connection to the show.

I won’t list all the connections between Landon and the show, but here are a few.

1.) We watched it religiously during the entire pregnancy.
2.) The finale was being aired on the last night of our baby class.
3.) When Landon is really hungry he sounds a lot like Adam Lambert.
4.) If you take the time to listen to him, he makes more sense then Paula.
5.) Landon’s favorite contestant was Bikini Girl.

The list goes on and on…

To complete the connection we would like to share with you Landon’s “Going Home” video just like they did on Idol when a contestant was sent home. We hope you have as much fun watching the video as we did being a part of it.

Love you all,
Mike, Melissa & Landon

4 Responses to “Landon’s “Home Sweet Home” Video…”

  1. Maria

    Oh, my gosh!!! So awesome!! I am sitting at my desk crying – too cute!!!

  2. Gregory

    Absolute great video! I can’t wait to see him in person rather than video chat! He is so cute and looks good on camera… maybe pampers commercials are in the near future??? (since we know American Idol maybe to BIG a stage for him now…);)

    Love you all…

    Uncle Greg

  3. Lizette

    I loved his first cry! It’s the best sound in the world and a reminder that your world will never be the same. What a beautiful family you are!

  4. Uncle Sam

    It’s a beautiful video of a beautiful family…

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