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The Final 4… FINALLY!!!

I have finally faces reality and decided it’s time to face the truth and move on. Ever since we moved here, things have been crazy, and we have been so busy. I guess that’s a good thing, but at the same time I haven’t been able to update the site. So rather then trying to [...]

#5 – Waseca Parties

Even though all of our Waseca friends have relocated, we still consider all of them our Waseca Friends. After living here for 6 years we have started many annual traditions to celebrate holidays and special events. Some of these parties include the Holiday New Years Party that originated at our house, but had to relocate [...]

#6 – Lutsen Ski Trips

OK, we are getting close to the top of the list and I am running out of time to write these recaps. So I am sorry to say they are going to be getting shorter and shorter, because after today I might have to start updating from my phone. So #6… For the past 2 [...]

#7 – Kickball

There are those that play softball because they aren’t very good at hitting a fastball, and then there are those who play kickball because even hitting a softball can be challenging. I unfortunately fall into that category. ;-( Growing up I think I broke the little league world record for most strikeouts in a single [...]

#8 – Honker’s Deck Pass

Another great thing about the Minnesota summers is going to the Rochester Honker’s Baseball games. You might be wondering why going to a baseball game is making my top ten. Well, for starters going to baseball games is one of my favorite things to do, but when you throw in all you can eat & [...]

#9 – The Noodle Party

I wouldn’t be a Minnesota Memory Countdown without mentioning the famous Noddle Party. Some of the early SternCasters might remember this from last summer. Rather then trying to replay the event from memory I have copied my original post for your reading pleasure… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have seen the movie Patch Adams with Robin WIlliams, [...]

#10 – Hanke Best Ball

Two of my favorite things to do in Minnesota are play golf and hang out with the Waseca crowd. When you put both of those things together you get something called The Hanke Best Ball. 4882 This event started out as a small gathering with just Nick Hanke and his family who would get together [...]

#11 – The Plaza Morena Restaurant

I knew going into it that moving from Washington, DC to Waseca, Minnesota was going to be a life-changing experience on many levels. For starters, I was going from a hour plus commute in bumper to bumper traffic, to a very stress-free drive on a 2 lane highway with almost no cars on the road [...]

#12 – Ugly Sweater Parties

On December 9th 2006 Melissa and I were introduced to one of the most fun theme parties we have ever been to. Every December our friends Trish and Rob throw a holiday party and let me tell you… you must dress to impress!!! I am talking about the one and only “Ugly Sweater Party”. Everything [...]

#13 – Gambling with Minors :-/

4846 Some of my oldest Minnesota memories were hanging out with the “Waseca Crew”, sitting around the Hanke’s dining room table playing poker. The thing that made this so memorable had nothing to do with all of the money I won (even though I won A LOT of money), it was because the only way [...]

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