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Patty Cake

Landon may not like getting out of the bath, but once he’s out he LOVES to play Patty Cake! Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]

Bounce House

Today we discovered an AWESOME “Bounce House” in Hatfield, PA. It only cost $6.50 for Landon and Parents are FREE! What a deal! After watching this video it will be hard for you to figure out who had more fun. We’ll definitely be heading back sometime soon. WARNING: If you get motion sickness, this video [...]

Landon @ 16 Months

To All, I think it’s about time for another 4 month update. Sorry for the slacking. Landon is getting bigger everyday and starting to say and do more too. Here is a video we shot tonight around 7pm which many of you know is past Landon’s bedtime. I think he was a little tired, but [...]

Happy Anniversary!!!

4823 On July 4th, 2009 I surprised Melissa and went back to the spot where we were 365 days prior. My mom and brother were nice enough to babysit Landon so Melissa and I could have a very romantic anniversary dinner in the same room we got married in last year. The Owatonna Country Club [...]

No Excuses… Play Like a Champion…

I am sorry for not updating the blog lately. As I stated in the title I am not going to make excuses… I am just going to move forward and try my best to entertain you all. Over the past 2 weeks so much has happened. First off my mom is here now. Grandma Terry [...]

Happy Birthday Landon!

What an amazing day it has been already. The roller coaster of emotions have been unbelievable. I am so proud of Melissa and can’t thank her enough for all she did last night. It was by far the best birthday I have ever had. I can’t leave you with a long post because I had [...]

It’s Mulligan Time!

For those of you who don’t know, a mulligan is a term in golf used when someone would like a do-over or second chance. Well on this wonderful, yet rainy, May 27th morning Melissa and I are headed back to the hospital hoping to use our mulligan so we can get this baby out! The [...]

Baby Cooper & Vikings Fans?!?!

What a great name for a baby! There was a baby born at the Owatonna Hospital named Cooper. Don’t worry Marni, we are not calling our son Cooper. Even though its a great name! Vikings Fans I feel really bad for babies that are born in MN, because the have to be Vikings fans.

Nesting… Part 2

Wow, two updates in one week!!! That should silence my critics for a little bit. Well the whole point of this post is just to share with you our mostly finished Nursery. Maybe instead of “Nesting… Part 2″, I should have called it “Cribs”… pun intended. OK, that was a horrible attempt at some humor. [...]

Holy Gas!

Wow, gas prices are dropping like crazy in Owatona, MN. Just 2 weeks ago it was almost $4/gallon. Hopefully aren’t done falling yet. What are the prices doing by you?

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